New Images of “Meticulous Excavations: New Work by Jamey Grimes and Charles Clary

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Here are a multitude of new images from the current exhibition “Meticulous Excavations: New Work by Jamey Grimes and Charles Clary” at The Rymer Gallery in Nashville, TN up through January 25th. My main piece is comprised of 204 towers, one to represent a day in the life of my mother from her devastating diagnosis of terminal cancer to her last day. The piece ended up measuring approximately 8′ x 30′ x 7″ and will be sold individually with part of the proceeds benefiting the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center of Nashville.

Here is a description of the new work:
In February of 2013 both of my parents lost their battles with cancer. It was a devastating moment in my life and I stopped making work for a time. I fought to find meaning in what i was doing, lost in my grief, but over time I put all of that into my current body of work. My paper towers now represent cancer cell growth, and how this continual growth expands taking over everything it touches. Injected with bright neons and blown out colors they take on the notion of radiation and chemo treatments and what that might do to the sinewy understructure of the human body. They are not meant to be a macabre reflection on a terrible disease, but a reflection on life and the wonder that can be found in the most tragic of circumstances.

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