Show Opening Saturday – Nashville, Tennessee

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My Decembershow with Jamey Grimes opens on SATURDAY, December 7, in Nashville, TN at the Rymer Gallery.  As part of the First Saturday Art Crawl, come out to the gallery to see the new show, have a drink, and meet the artists.

Here is a preview of the work that will be exhibited.  I dedicated my work in this show to my mother, Kristen Clary, who passed away earlier this year from cancer.  My center piece of this show, Untitled, measures approximately 30 feet by 7 feet, and is comprised of over 200 hand-cut paper towers to commemorate the 205 days that my mother lived from diagnosis to death.  You’ll have to come out in person to see how it all came together to form one cohesive piece.  I also included other  additional drawings and sculptures in the show.

10% of all proceeds from this show will go to the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville.  Special thanks to Rymer Gallery and Jamey Grimes for supporting cancer research in our community.

See you Saturday, and look for more pictures of the complete show soon!

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