Recent Work Update and ART PAPERS Auction

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Hello all!

I am posting two new pieces under recent work. I want to share a couple of pieces I’ve been working on, as of late. I’m exploring singular color palettes as well as metallic paint hues.  This work deals more with the singularity of color and supports as well as the density of paper towers within each piece.  At the same time, the art still deals with the viral nature of music as a contagion and the viewer as the carrier.


This past week was a great success at the ART PAPERS Auction in Atlanta, Georgia.  A huge thank you to Sylvie Fortin and the fine people at ART PAPERS Magazine for including me in the 13th Annual Auction to benefit the organization.  All three of my pieces sold to wonderful buyers, and proceeds will help benefit the continuation of the magazine.   The auction provided a great atmosphere and a wonderful opportunity for socializing with other artists and collectors from around the country.  Atlanta is a great compendium of collectors, emerging and established artists, and ART PAPERS is doing a wonderful job of showcasing this.

Show at Nucleus Gallery

Also,  I currently have 2 works up for purchase at the Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra, California. If you would like to visit in the CA area, the gallery is located at: 210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801.  Please contact the gallery if you are interested in purchasing the pieces that are currently in the show.  Their website is:

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