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Today a new show opens at View Arts in Old Forge, New York.  The show, Paper Anniversary, will be on exhibit from March 10 – May 6, 2012.  This show is a paper sculpture invitational with work by Debe AbbottMelinda McDanielCarlos N. Molina, and Angie Pickman.  If you are in the area, you can find the gallery at  3273 State Route 28,  Old Forge, NY 13420.  The Spring Hours are Monday – Saturday: 10am to 4pm, Sunday: Noon – 4pm.

I currently have a show at The College at Brockport’s Tower Fine Arts Center Gallery that recently received favorable reviews from The Stylus and the Rochester City Newspaper.

Rebecca Rafferty’s review in the City Newspaper states, “This quartet of artists deals, each in his or her way, with the human struggle to create order from the wilderness of life…. Clary’s clean examination of organic, concentric colonies mimic our need to dominate and structure the world to maximum usefulness.”

Caitlin Vandewater’s review of  the “Paper: On and Off the Wall” exhibition claims, ” Clary’s mixed media sculpture “Patiflasmic Diffusion” presents a series of calm blue, red and yellow blocks grouped together, with amoeba or cell-like cutouts intruding into blocks. Up close, it’s hard not to admire the artistry of the piece. Constructed almost exclusively out of paper, the piece is carefully cut and crafted to create a sense of depth within each organic form. Stepping away from the piece, it looks as if acid or a virus is ripping through Clary’s work, eating away at the rectangles on the wall. Clary plays with color in this piece, keeping the hues light and playful, although there is a strong sense of destruction.”

The ART PAPERS Auction in Atlanta last month was covered by Creative Loafing Atlanta photo team Joeff Davis and Dustin Chambers.  They spent a week photographing the preparations for the auction and the event.  They used video footage, 3636 images, and music from Atlanta musician Daniel Platzman, to create the video which features one of mypieces that was sold to benefit ART PAPERS.   The auction featured nearly 300 works and raised over $200,000.

Below are images of some of my recent work.  The first are available at the Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra, California, and the others will be at the University of Arkansas in next month in conjunction with an Artist talk there on April 26, at 5:30.

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