Simply Creative, Society South, Nashville Native, AND New Works

It has been an exciting month already, and we’re only a week into July. Simple Creative featured my work on the first of the month – thanks Susan Yang! Society South also did a feature on some of my towers. Perhaps most exciting is a feature in the Nashville Native magazine.  My visit with Timothy Beaton, author of the article, “Something Tangible” was fantastic, and … Continue reading Simply Creative, Society South, Nashville Native, AND New Works

Recent Features – May 2014

This has been a busy month!  I’ve had several features online, and the show in San Francisco at Spoke Arts seems to have been a success.  Here are some of the highlights: Hi Fructose did a feature on the show at Spoke Art.  Nastia Voynovskaya said, “For their current group show, “Paper Cuts,” San Francisco’s Spoke Art invited a diverse assembly of artists who transform paper into … Continue reading Recent Features – May 2014

Charles Clary – Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Originally posted on 365 Artists | 365 Days:
Patiflasmic Plasmatic Gestation Movement #2 (detail shot) Briefly describe the work you do. I use paper to create a world of fiction that challenges the viewer to suspend disbelief and venture into my fabricated reality. By layering paper I am able to build intriguing land formations that mimic viral colonies and concentric sound waves. These strange landmasses contaminate and infect the… Continue reading Charles Clary – Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Current Goings On Spring 2014 Edition

2014 was off to a great start with the Dogwood Arts Festival show, and now things are really getting going. My Tumblr page is taking off, and has recently been updated, so check that out if you Tumbl. Papercut Magazine recently featured me in their latest issue of 17 artists who work with paper as their medium, in an edition called Life is Art.     … Continue reading Current Goings On Spring 2014 Edition