New Works, Nostalgia, and Installation

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Childhood is a time of play and innocence for most, playing games, getting lost in the fiction and drama of movies. But for some, these games and movies become an escapism, a place to reside for just a few precious moments, to escape the trauma of real life. After losing both of my parents I began to explore the things I used to escape abuse, divorce, and addictions.

This new series explores the notion of VHS and games as my escapisms. I plan to recreate the illusion of an old VHS rental store complete with TV’s and a 600+ selection of VHS to “rent”.

As we grow older we see our past being sold off in thrift stores and discarded. Bringing life back to a past I never had revitalizes these objects, revitalizing the memories locked away in the escapism they used to and still provide.

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