Recent Features – May 2014

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This has been a busy month!  I’ve had several features online, and the show in San Francisco at Spoke Arts seems to have been a success.  Here are some of the highlights:

hi fructoseHi Fructose did a feature on the show at Spoke Art.  Nastia Voynovskaya said, “For their current group show, “Paper Cuts,” San Francisco’s Spoke Art invited a diverse assembly of artists who transform paper into fantastical visions with the help of a blade. Charles Clary, for instance, builds up layers of colorful sheets of paper cut into organic shapes that resemble neon bacteria colonies sprawling across the gallery wall. Clary’s loud, vibrant sculptural work is balanced out by the monochromatic shadow boxes of Hari and Deepti, a duo that cuts out narrative scenes from layers of white paper, using the interplay of light and shadow to illuminate their characters.”

Rebecca Rose at Crafthaus posted “Showing Publicly: Curatorial Interview with Jessica Ross of “Paper Cuts” at Spoke Art Gallery.” In this interview, the curator of the show had some very kind words about paper art, and my work in particular:

RR: The work selected for “Paper Cuts” is primo- Megan Stratman, Hari & Deepti, Ryan De La Hoz, Kevin Jay Stanton, Elaine Penwell, Sarah Dennis, Yulia Brodskaya, Charles Clary, Crowded Teeth and Dan Jaffe all delivered. Where did you initially find the inspiration to curate a paper themed show and group these artists together? Any personal standouts or certain pieces that have proved to be crowd favorites? What are some of the stories behind the pieces?

ejunkieJR: A lot of the artists in PAPER CUTS we’ve exhibited before at Spoke Art and then of course I got to reach out to some of my favorites. One in particular was Charles Clary, I had found his work online several years ago and posted him on my side project blog, Exhibition-ism, he was so sweet and told me that he would be using my blog in his class syllabus! That really stuck with me and when I was thinking of new artists for PAPER CUTS his name just popped back up in my head! Don’t you just love when things come around full circle? His psychedelic abstract island-y formations have definitely got some amazing reactions from our viewers, it’s hard to believe he doesn’t laser-cut his pieces! I don’t want to play favorites but I could stare at his work forever. 

E-junkie featured my work as #1 on their list of 10 Artists You Must Check Out

Monster Fresh did a feature on the Paper Cuts show at Spoke Art.  Author Dead C  said of paper and paper artists, “The number of contributions that we’ve seen in the paper art field–whether they involve cuts, layering ,quilling, any combination therein, or something completely left field–have continued to increase and it’s a movement that I enthusiastically welcome more of.  The focus, vision, and precision that it takes to pull off some of these works is nothing short of mind boggling.  What’s encouraging to me is not only to see more and more artists in the field represented, but more and more styles, and techniques employed, effectively functioning as a display of how limitless this art form and its potential really is.  “

Brown Paper Bag featured me with several other paper artists.  Author Sara Barnes said, “If you couldn’t guess, today’s round up focuses on paper, and those who use it to cre­ate cool things. Some are illus­tra­tive and oth­ers are sculp­tural, but all of the artists and illus­tra­tors fea­tured here wield the Exacto knife like a pro.”

Instagram has been a hot spot for my work lately, thanks to Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose. Both insta-d from the show at Spoke Arts – Juxtapoz of one piece, Hi-Fructose of another.

juxta instahifruct insta








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Here is some of the work from Spoke and other recent shows:



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