Special thanks to the great folks at Hi Fructose online and artisaday.com for their wonderful features this week!

Hi Fructose Feature
Hi Fructose Feature

Nastia Voynovskaya’s article, “Charles Clary’s Hand-Cut Paper Sculptures Envision Microorganisms” on Hi Fructose, says:

“For his hand-cut paper and acrylic sculptures, Charles Clary envisions a strange biology where viral colonies expand across the walls of his studio in fluorescent, geometric formations. The artist (whom we interviewed on the blog in 2010) currently has a solo show at Brett Wesley Gallery in Las Vegas that comes to a close this Saturday, September 28. Clary’s work is precise and labor-intensive; the artist routinely puts in months of consecutive 12 hours days of cutting the thin layers that make up his voluminous pieces.”

Artistaday.com Feature
Artistaday.com Feature

The artistaday.com article even offers the opportunity for YOU, the viewer, to rate the work.  I would appreciate your feedback on the feature.  Artistaday.com’s feature explains:

Charles describes his work by saying, “I use paper to create a world of fiction that challenges the viewer to suspend disbelief and venture into my fabricated reality. By layering paper I am able to build intriguing land formations that mimic viral colonies and concentric sound waves. These strange landmasses contaminate and infect the surfaces they inhabit transforming the space into something suitable for their gestation. Towers of paper and color jut into the viewer’s space inviting playful interactions between the viewer and this conceived world. These constructions question the notion of microbial outbreaks and their similarity to the visual representation of sound waves, transforming them into something more playful and inviting.”

Thanks so much for the features and for promoting my work.  I really appreciate it.


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