I have lots of great opportunities to see some of my art in person across the country this month.

Opening tomorrow, June 8, and running through July 20, 2013, Kenise Barnes Fine Art in Larchmont, New York, A Whiter Shade of Pale, features 6 artists.  Mary Ellen BartleyLori FieldLorraine GlessnerJoanne Mattera, & Lalani Nan contributed to this exhibition.

Picture 2The show got some great press in Wall Street International, which was kind enough to feature some of my works as well.  The article described the show as, ” a new exhibition of art work in various media executed in a narrow range of pale colors, predominately whites, grays and silvers. Pure, quiet, peaceful and beautiful; the exhibition in this reductive palette is a joy to encounter. The pieces in this show range from photography to elegant paintings made with reflective micaceous pigment and delicate silver point drawings.”

June 10th, an exhibition called Snapshots opens at the Savannah College of Art and Design Gutstein Gallery.  The show “Snapshots” seeks works by SCAD artists depicting imagery from around the world and considering such themes as memories, keepsakes, mementos and souvenirs of daily life; global perspectives on representations of people and places; and reflections on the notions of travel and exploration.”

June 24 – August 2 I will have an exhibition at the Birmingham Library in Alabama along with the great Jamey Grimes.

Explaining the piece Flameboic Opulations to some visitors at MCC

Last weekend the Music City Center honored the 56 artists they acquired for the permanent collection for the massive building.  It was a fun opportunity to meet the other artists and see all the excellent work they contributed.  The Center offered tours of the art collection for the public, and the art was very well-received by the community members who attended.

Title Page Feature
Title Page Feature

Earlier this month I was honored to be included in a Lark Craft book titled 500 Paper Objects, curated by Gene McHugh.  The book includes the excellent works of Bovey Lee, Kiel Johnson, Brian Dettmer, and many more.  The book, “features the work of nearly 300 artists, paper—a seemingly commonplace substance—proves to be a material of near-limitless possibility, capable of accommodating a variety of visions and aesthetic styles.”  The book is for sale from the publisher and also on amazon.com.

The summer has already proven to be a great time to get work done.  Below you can see some examples of the pieces I have prepared for the exhibitions listed above as well as for other upcoming shows.


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